Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Beaver Lodge Cutaway Finished

I just finished up this one for an educational publisher. It's fun to dig into details on something like this and create a feeling of reality even though this view is impossible to see in nature. I enjoyed the challenge of making the submerged portion of the beaver abode look like it was underwater which I achieved by shifting colors and values to reflect the effects of the water. Once again this is rendered in Photoshop over a graphite drawing. Size is 16" x 11" at 400 dpi. This one will print in the student edition as well as an oversize teacher edition to be used in group reading. 


tasha said...

Hi! We are doing signage as a volunteer lake stewardship group in beavers and how they benefit the environment. I am wondering if you'd be willing to let us use this amazing drawing for our sign? We can give full credit, but unfortunately we have no budget!!!

Greg said...

Hi Tasha, I get requests to use this piece from time to time. Unfortunately, I don't control the copyright on this one and can't grant permission. If you want to discuss other aspects or commission a new piece, contact me through my website