Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dangerous Snake

Exaggeration is to paint a snake and add legs.
-Chinese Proverb

Just finished this piece for a magazine story where a Man and his boys are out gathering firewood but lose their keys. I am continuing with my pursuit of some semblance of Photoshop painting proficiency. I feel more successful with each finished project, so I think I am almost where I want to be.  I doubt anyone can master all the nuances of Photoshop but at least I am getting comfortable with the tools I need to paint a pretty good picture.


Mardi Speth said...

WOW! Nice job, Greg. I'd never have known this was done using Photoshop. You're transition to the digital realm appears to be perfectly seamless. Congratulations! It's certainly an advantage for commercial work, but I hope your still creating your wonderful oil paintings. You continue to amaze and inspire. :D

Greg Newbold said...


Yes I am still working in oil and occasionally acrylic for my "gallery" type work, but I have finally learned enough Photoshop to feel confident doing actual assignments digitally. The past few months I don't think I have done an illustration job traditionally, so I guess the switch over is complete. Makes me sad in a way, but you can't argue with the speed aspect.