Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Painting Videos Now Up!

Half Dozen- 12" x 20"- oil,  by Greg Newbold

The landscape painting tutorials I filmed with the Kimball Art Center are now up on YouTube. The painting contest for grades K-12 goes from now until November 17th, 2013. Students can upload their paintings to the Kimball Art Center site here. I am told there will be prizes. Here is a link to all of the videos.

The lighting was not as bright as I had hoped, but it was done in house on a budget and overall, I like the results. The information I share will be very helpful if you have beginners in your house or if you just want to check out how I painted this one. Disclaimer: the final painting was finished up in oils since I will be sending it to my gallery.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kimball Art Center Video Tutorial

Half Dozen- Oil over Acrylic, 12" x 20" by Greg Newbold
Last week I had the chance to film a painting demo for the Kimball Art Center in Park City, Utah. They hare holding a painting context for children in grades K-12 in conjunction with their current exhibit "Painters of the Wasatch Mountains". Children will have an opportunity to enter their own lansdscape painting and have a chance at prizes.

Blue taped filming area with my equipment set up
The goal was to break down the painting of a landscape into segments that were each 2-5 minutes long and to make it understandable for young kids without boring older students. Easier said than done. I divided things into segments such as materials, choosing a subject, basic color mixing, value patterns, blocking in, pushing and pulling and finishing up.

The camera was above me on a tripod.
We determined it would be best to paint the demo in acrylic paint even though most of my landscape work is oil paint. We decided that acrylic would be the most readily available of any medium and be the most versatile for younger kids.

my hands were the only part filmed- OK by me.
where the acrylic painting stopped at the end of filming
Filming took place over two afternoons (due to some camera issues) and then I finished the painting up at home. I actually did paint the final layer in oil, but most kids wont understand the difference or even be able to tell when the final painting is flashed on screen. After getting the painting back in the studio, I decided to add some interest and color to the far background. It felt a little too flat, so I added a tree line and some blue hills.

Thanks to Jenny Diersen, Educational Director at the Kimball Art Center as well as the rest of the staff who helped make this an enjoyable experience for me. I would do it again anytime.

I am still waiting to see the final cuts of the demo and I will post the links when I get them. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Nap Time

Nap Time- 8" x 6" oil by Greg Newbold
A week or so ago I went to paint on location at our local living history park, Wheeler Historic Farm. I happened upon the sweetest little scene I could imagine and knew I had found my subject.

The Farm had recently been blessed with a new little calf and she was asleep in the sunshine right at the doorway of the barn. As with any live subject, I knew she could move at any moment, so I set to work. I quickly blocked in the structure of my piece and tried to get as much of the little calf indicated as possible.

She kept moving and stretching, but did not get up and leave for nearly half an hour. I got a good indication of what I wanted before she finally heard the breakfast bell and slowly sauntered into the barn to eat.

As I worked a little more on the barn and foreground, I hoped she would come back out so I could get a few more photos, but alas, a fleeting moment was all I was blessed with. Luckily I got a few good photos and was able to finish it up in the studio.