Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cityscape Painting Part 2

Progress after second session

Yesterday, I worked on this scene for a second time. It was interesting to continue a painting on location. In the past, I have finished a picture in a single session and sometimes touched it up in studio later. I got another hour and forty five minutes in on this one for a total working time so far of 3.5 hours.

Compare the progress from the first session

The main thing I noticed was that there were certain discrepancies in my drawing that I did not notice until I had some separation from the subject. I noticed that my perspective is a little more shallow than the actual buildings from the point of view where I stood. I also noticed that the main building on the left is wider than I painted it. This became more obvious when I began painting the windows which are narrower in my painting. I like the progress I made and will now finish the picture in studio. I'll post it when I am done. I'm right in the middle of some hairy deadlines right now, so I can't promise when that will be.


Anonymous said...

Looking good! Great to see the progression.

Greg Newbold said...

Thanks Ron- It has sure been fun to paint different scenery. I'll probably have to do some more of this city stuff.

Amy said...

This painting has a nice feel to it...I am becoming a bigger fan of the cityscape.