Saturday, October 22, 2011

Painting Kolob Canyon-Part 2

View Up Taylor Creek- Oil; 6" x 8" by Greg Newbold
After a first attempt at painting Kolob Canyon which I posted earlier here, We ventured down the canyon a couple of miles and hauled our gear a little way up Taylor Creek for another shot at the majestic red rock. Looking back, I guess I was enamored with the way the light played off the sheer salmon colored rock faces and the contrasting cobalt blue skies because I painted a close sister to the first picture.

The View from Taylor Creek- Kolob Canyon, Utah

In some ways I think the paint application in this second attempt is better than the first. I figured out some of the paint mixing and though this one is smaller at 6" x 8" rather than 8" x 10", it also went much faster. I like the sky  color better in the first.

Blocking in the rough shapes
It's not very evident in the digital version, but this one got a little too dark. I'll touch it up in the studio. Evaluating things like values and temperature after the fact is an important exercise for me to learn how to more accurately capture what I am seeing in my outdoor studies. They then become much more of a reaction to and interpretation of nature rather than a slavish copy.

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