Thursday, January 26, 2012

Boys' Life Poster Ideas

Boys' Life Poster Idea 1

Poster Idea 2

Poster Idea 3

Here are three ideas I submitted for a Boys' Life commemorative poster I am working on. The concept was to celebrate the outdoor aspect of scouting and to have the magazine plainly in view as the scout enjoys an outdoor adventure (#3 is less obvious as he holds the mag rolled in his hand). I liked both 1 and 2 but they liked idea #2 the best, so I will now be working up more involved sketches based on that idea as well as scheduling a photo shoot. I'll have to locate the right age and look of model with a full uniform. Should not be too hard with all the scouts in my neighborhood.


Amy said...

I sort of liked #1 and #3...oh well! I am sure you will execute the project well as usual!

Greg Newbold said...

I was sort of hoping for #1, but #2 will be fun also.

shelena said...

The #1 and #3 are just like the same but different pose but i preferred #2 as well.

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