Thursday, October 3, 2013

Nap Time

Nap Time- 8" x 6" oil by Greg Newbold
A week or so ago I went to paint on location at our local living history park, Wheeler Historic Farm. I happened upon the sweetest little scene I could imagine and knew I had found my subject.

The Farm had recently been blessed with a new little calf and she was asleep in the sunshine right at the doorway of the barn. As with any live subject, I knew she could move at any moment, so I set to work. I quickly blocked in the structure of my piece and tried to get as much of the little calf indicated as possible.

She kept moving and stretching, but did not get up and leave for nearly half an hour. I got a good indication of what I wanted before she finally heard the breakfast bell and slowly sauntered into the barn to eat.

As I worked a little more on the barn and foreground, I hoped she would come back out so I could get a few more photos, but alas, a fleeting moment was all I was blessed with. Luckily I got a few good photos and was able to finish it up in the studio.

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