Thursday, November 14, 2013


Twins- 16" x 20" - Oil on board- by Greg Newbold
Another bale painting. In this one the bales feel a little more like ships crossing on a sea of golden stubble. I enjoyed stylizing the swoop of clouds, pushing the shapes a little further than the actual scene offered.

Texture here was again a very fun result of working with the palette knife as you can see from the close up shots. The abstract quality if these two texture passages is intriguing to me as well. I love to analyze how individual mark making combines to create the overall illusion of detail and adds to the reality of a painting.


Amy said...

It is difficult to fully appreciate the textures in the shot of the painting. Thanks for sharing the close ups! I think the texture is beautiful.

Brad Teare said...

I love the close-ups too. Did you paint the entire painting with a palette knife?

Greg Newbold said...

Thanks Amy. It's fun to analyze the aggregate of a piece by breaking down the individual strokes. I was glad to look at them close up myself and dissect the mark making which is sometimes accidental, sometimes subconscious.
Brad- I painted maybe half of the painting with brushes. For instance, the sky is almost entirely brushwork. THe textures in the hay and ground however seemed to merit the added texture that palette knife work provides. I found myself relying mostly on the knife for those passages after laying everything in first with the brush.

Roger Motzkus said...

I like the close ups too. I'm trying to get texture into what I'm working on now as well. So how long does a piece like this take you to complete?

Greg Newbold said...

Roger- These 16x20 pieces took about 8 hours spread over three sessions. The first two sessions are a little longer than the last. Sometimes I can nail it down in the first two sessions and the third is just a little glazing or a few highlights.