Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cloud Tower

Cloud Tower- 10" x 11" - Oil on panel by Greg Newbold

This painting will be available at the 300 Plates fundraiser show hosted by Art Access Gallery coming up next Thursday, May 15, 2014. This is the 12th year for this event and my first time participating. The show consists of 300 identically sized 10" x 11" "plates" which are painted or decorated by artists and then hung together by the pair of holed drilled at the top edge. The dimensions stem from the inception of the show when the works of art were actually painted on aluminum printing plates. The holes are a carry over from the registration holes that were actually in the plates. This year's event consists of masonite panels since the type of plates used in previous years are no longer available. I actually painted mine a few weeks ago in order to be included in the publicity materials. My painting will also be included in the silent blind auction portion of the sale with minimum bids beginning at $400. The rest of the works will be hung sequentially and sold starting from $85 and increasing in one dollar increments.

Anyone wanting to bid on my piece can attend the event by registering here.

Beginning Monday May 12, you can email your bid to sheryl@accessart.org. Bidding starts at $400 and it is a true blind auction meaning your bid will go in the box along with all the others and nobody will know what the high bid is, so BID HIGH! This is a the yearly fundraiser for Art Access and most of the proceeds stay with the gallery to help fund their programs which help people with disabilities experience and participate in art. Please be generous.


Trevor Howard said...

Nice job man! The cloud looks a little like someone riding a horse with a rifle/bayonet slung over his shoulder or is it a St. Bernard? So hard to tell.... :)

Greg Newbold said...

Thanks Trevor!

Brad Teare said...

I love this one!

Greg Newbold said...

Thanks Brad. It sold for $599 at the charity auction. One of the higher prices in the silent auction. Glad it went that high, but somebody got a pretty good deal!