Friday, May 13, 2011

Life Needs Art 1st Birthday Party

Drat! Posts from the last two days have disappeared- I can't say if they will be coming back, so here we go again (grumble, dang Blogmonster...)
Anyway, my adventures in blogging began one year ago yesterday (keep reading to find out about the party aspect)! It has been an adventure and a pleasure to try to share with anyone interested nuggets of artistic wisdom, highlights from my career as well as what I am working on currently. I appreciate all who have been following and commenting here. It makes me feel more connected to my art, fellow artists and art lovers. I had no preconceptions when I started this thing other than I wanted an outlet to document my work and to show things that I am doing and things that I am interested in in both art and my life. Well, over 150 followers and 45,000 page views later, I am gratified that so many people enjoy sharing my artistic journey with me. 
To celebrate, and to try to get more people following in the fun, I'm Throwing a little party. A prize drawing actually, and here's how it goes:

Life Needs Art Birthday Giveaway: THREE WAYS TO WIN!:

METHOD ONE: Current Follower Giveaway-  Using the headline "Life Needs Art Birthday Party", email your name, username and email address to and I will enter you in the drawing for current followers.

METHOD TWO: New Follower Giveaway- Using the headline "Life Needs Art Birthday Party- New Follower", email your name, username and email address to and I will enter you in the drawing for new followers.

METHOD THREE: Referral and Blog Friends Giveaway - Using the headline "Life Needs Art Birthday Party- Referral Drawing", email your name, username and email address as well as the username, name and email address of the friend you signed up to follow the blog to and I will enter you in the drawing for current followers. If you have your own blog and spread the word about this contest on your blog, send me your name, your username and email address as well as a link to your blog showing reference to this post. You will be entered into this drawing ONCE for EACH friend you get to follow as well as for each blog post, so there are more chances to win! If you win,  I will verify your referral by emailing them to confirm and to check blog links if you do that- no fudging here please.

Entries will be accepted until midnight May 19th

Since this is just for fun and to reward a few lucky followers, I reserve the right to determine what and how many items I will give away, but right now I am planning to give away at least one autographed copy of my book The Touch of the Master's Hand for each of the three drawings. Winners will be contacted via email for specific delivery instructions. If you already have this book and win, I will discuss an alternate prize with you which might be a book, poster notecards, etc.

Thanks for spending some of your web time with me and good luck!


Mike Blake / Monisawa said...

I got all excited when I saw "drawing" and "prizes"...but I then realized that it wasn't an ILLUSTRATION DRAWING contest. should do one of those too. haha ^_^

Mike Blake / Monisawa said...

Upon glancing over this post, I was very excited at first, but then became disappointed.

When I saw "drawing" and "prizes I assumed it meant an ILLUSTRATION DRAWING contest! haha not a raffle-win by chance...All well. Maybe you could do that in the future...? ^_^

Greg Newbold said...

Sorry to disappoint Mike. Just wanted to have some fun and say thanks. A contest might be kind of fun sometime though- I'll keep that in the back of my mind.