Monday, May 23, 2011

Quail Mama

A couple of weeks ago we discovered a by-product of last fall's neglectful yard clean up.  Tucked it into a corner behind the empty propane tank I have been meaning to swap out since barbecue season ended, I left a half used bag of mulch. 

Well, a resourceful mother quail has taken up residence in the leaves piled behind the bag and laid a baker's dozen of speckled eggs. I had noticed some comings and goings the last couple of weeks, but thought nothing of it since we always have quail in the yard. On closer inspection, I realized she was nesting back there and her dutiful hubby chirps at me from the nearby pine trees if I get too close. I am not sure how much time is left in the incubation period, but I'll try to get pictures of the little fuzzy chicks when they make their way into the world.

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Melissa Saylor said...

Love the photos. We use to have quail on the little farm I grew up on in Oregon. This just made my day. Thanks for sharing.

art is jokken said...

Nice story, I have some bumble-bee colony in empty bird nesting house this year! Last year tomtit this year bumble-bee! (some pictures on my blog)