Thursday, February 2, 2012

Warning Signs of Art

You may know someone who either is either already addicted or who may become addicted to art. Know the warning signs and be prepared to make appropriate intervention if necessary. Remember, art can be dangerous! Don't let your loved one become the next victim!

Too late for Me but maybe you can save someone else!

This creative promotional campaign is from The College for Creative Studies in Detroit Michigan 


Greg Newbold said...

Wow, no comments. All my readers must be resigned to a life of art addiction!

Denise said...

Yep, I think you are right. Heidi even decided to learn how to draw caricatures. The addiction must be spreading! Darcy wants a sketchbook too:)

Greg Newbold said...

Well, that's how it all started. Someone slipped me a sketchbook. Then I experimented with some paint, did a pack of Prismacolors, pretty soon, I was addicted.

Greg Newbold said...
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