Saturday, June 2, 2012

Butte With Bales

Butte With Bales- 10" x 16" oil on panel by Greg Newbold
Just finished this painting of a nice Southern Utah butte with a field of hay below it. I am constantly amazed at both the formations of the landscape here in Utah as well as the tenacity of the people that live and work on this arid land.

Here's how it looks in its nice 22k antique gold frame.
This piece will be going to my gallery Williams Fine Art on Monday morning. Hopefully it will find a nice home.


Rob Colvin said...

Reminds me of that stretch on the east side of Capitol Reef towards Hanksville. Nice!

Dave Kapah said...

it would make a good picture to hang in the living room :)

Greg Newbold said...

Rob, it is on that stretch of route 24 outside of Hanksville between Capitol Reef and Goblin Valley- nice call!
Dave- that's the idea. Anyone who wants to buy it can check with Williams Fine Art in Salt Lake City next week!