Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Painting in Zion - Part 2

We painted this vista in the mid afternoon of the first day of our painting trip to Zion National Park. After a dismal failure in my first attempt of the day (which I'll show sometime next week) I was looking forward to redeeming myself.

We took the shuttle bus up the canyon to a spot where you could see several famous formations including Angel's Landing, The Organ and The Great White Throne. I found a spot looking toward the back side of Angel's Landing where some Cottonwood trees were catching some great back lighting against the dark face of the rock. I ended up with some contrast and saturation issues that I will need to resolve, but I think that the structure and drama of the piece is working nicely.

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Anonymous said...

You really captured the feeling of light,warmth, and beauty of the setting - something the photograph can't do. Great job!