Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ron Spears Paints Zion National Park

Regulars here probably saw the posts I did about my two trips to paint in Zion National Park last year. Well on the first trip I had the privilege of painting with my good friend Ron Spears who was spending time as the park's artist in residence. He is an amazing artist and teacher at Southern Utah University.

Ron did some incredible paintings in those two weeks as well as the ensuing months and it has been documented in a nice short film. If you love painting outdoors, or simply love visiting places like Zion, have a look at this 8 minute film.

Here are a couple of my posts from that painting trip to Zion National Park:

Painting in Zion Part 1
Painting in Zion Part 2
Painting the Virgin River-Zion Part 1
Painting the Virgin River-Zion Part 2


Steven said...

Very awesome. Thanks for sharing this!

Greg Newbold said...

Glad you enjoyed it Steven!