Saturday, March 2, 2013

Knockout Punch

Knockout Punch- Graphite and digital by Greg Newbold
Here's the final piece in the project for BYU magazine. This one depicts Willard Bean who was an undersized but scrappy boxer in his younger days. His faith as well as his skill in the ring earned him the nickname "The Fightin' Parson" since it was said that he could preach as well as he could fight.  Bean even coached future heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey. In later years, he was called by Mormon church leaders to re-establish a church presence in Palmyra, New York where LDS church prophet Joseph Smith grew up. Chilly relations with the locals led Willard to dust off the boxing gloves for an exhibition in which he challenged any takers to a round in the ring. The "whip a Mormon" event broke the ice with locals even though he beat all comers. He was eventually influential in the helping the church acquire several historic properties including the Hill Cumorah.


DWHY said...

Love this piece! Graphite digital technique is really coming together man!

Greg Newbold said...

Thanks Dan. I think this technique might be the balance I want to strike between traditional and digital. I'm going to try charcoal and digital too- see what happens.