Saturday, July 26, 2014

Autumn Dusting Sold at Springville Salon

Autumn Dusting (Mount Olympus)- 36" x 60" oil on canvas by Greg Newbold

Last week I got a lovely check for the sale of my painting "Autumn Dusting". I was part of the 90th Annual Springville Spring Salon, which is a distinct honor as well. At 36" x 60", this work is my largest oil painting to date meaning the sale was consequently the largest price netted for one one of my oil paintings. I am a little wistful to see the painting go, but I know the collector will enjoy it and I can afford to keep painting a little longer. It sets a nice precedent of value for my work in the gallery arena which is also good. Well, no time to rest on my laurels. Back to the easel!


scott and rachelle snow said...

Nice job selling the painting Greg, and a nice painting to boot!!!

Scott Snow

Unknown said...

Thanks Scott! It's nice to get a little validation by way of sales.