Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bus Stop Poster

Here is the latest theater poster I have finished for Footlight Players in Charleston, SC, for the romantic comedy Bus Stop.  The play was written in 1955 by William Inge and the film version starring Marilyn Monroe and Don Murray was released in 1956.

The story takes place as a snowstorm strands people at a diner in Kansas City that also serves as a bus stop. The main characters have to spend the night due to the raging weather. Cherie, a sort of hillbilly type attractive young woman is the nightclub singer trying to make her way up and out and Bo is the naive and boorish cowboy who is convinced that Cherie is meant to be his wife even though she has zero interest in him. Romantic relationships ensue between the young would be couple and several of the other supporting cast.

I didn't have access to a stage version, so I found a copy of the film at the library. It apparently takes quite a few liberties with the script, but captures the essence. I decided to focus on the romantic/comedy angle and proposed two options to the theater. One was more romance and the other was more flirty and fun. The theater chose the flirty angle and I jumped in head first.

I knew I wanted a little bit of a retro feel with a nod to the pinup art of artists like Gil Elvgren. I made a more finished drawing and then painted it in Photoshop. The result is what I guess I would call my first pin up girl!

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