Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Delivering the Truth

Delivering the Truth- Digital over graphite by Greg Newbold
Here is another book cover I just finished. The book is a mystery novel called Delivering the Truth and deals with a Quaker midwife in 1888 Massachusetts. She doles out advice, delivers babies and even solves mysteries in her spare time. I wanted to do something that gave the flavor of the era as well as a sense of mystery.

The client proposed an arrangement similar to this
The client proposed a shot of the character from behind that focused on the apron strings. I secured a great costume through my connections at the regional theater here in town, Pioneer Theater and had a great photo shoot that gave me multiple options. I created three possibilities of which I liked one the best.

I felt that a cropped shot of the figure holding the doctor bag was strongest and would be more to the point. By zooming in closer on the hands, and not showing the face, that cover option would add a sense of mystery as well.  Thankfully the art director and designer agreed and I got the go ahead. I was asked to add the town and landscape behind the figure in the distance which I had left out of the sketch.

I was not sure that my favorite option would be chosen, but it was simple to drop a few buildings in behind the figure. The monochromatic color scheme allows for the hands to be the true focus of the piece as well. I enjoyed painting them and tried to say a lot with the gesture of the hands. I think it gives a sense of confidence, gentleness and a bit of apprehension all at the same time. Perfect for the tone of the book. Thanks to Llewellyn Worldwide Publishers for the chance to work on this project..

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