Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Murder Under the Covered Bridge

Murder Under the Covered Bridge- Digital by Greg Newbold.
Here's the finished version of the cover for "Murder Under the Covered Bridge. I posted the drawing concepts for this project  earlier on the blog and wanted to show how things turned out. I like how it all came together. Here's the final graphite drawing I drew and then painted over in Photoshop.

Lynne at Llewellyn Worldwide loved how it had a little WPA feel to it and commented how it reminded her a bit of Thomas Hart Benton. I take being compared to Benton as a high compliment. I'm not sure when this one will be released, but I am sure I will get a copy of it when it rolls out. 

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Tugis Art Studio said...

Today is the first time I am seeing your artwork and I admire your talent. Its both cartoonish and sur-real. It seems the people you depic are alway dressed in a classic way.