Thursday, August 19, 2010

Using Collage and Foil Leaf

By Sliver of Moonlight (Angel Muse) - Greg Newbold
acrylic, metal leaf and collage - 18" x 24"

One of the best things about grad school at the University of Hartford was the travel assignments. Each "away trip" included an assignment to capture something about our week in each city. After our Pasadena, CA trip I decided I wanted to do an angel, roughly tying the theme to "The City of Angels" as well as making her an artistic muse. I experimented a lot with different materials including collaged paper and photos and faux gold leaf.. Initially, the pasted on elements included photos from our trip.

Collage and leafing texture with Sponge Bob peeking out at the top

During the experimentation process, most of the details in the photos got covered over and if I use this process again, I think I will more carefully plan the value pattern so that more of the details are evident, but overall, I like the result. You can still get a little glimpse of Sponge Bob in there from our visit to Nickelodeon.


DWHY said...

One of my favorites!!!

Will said...

Love this piece Greg - love the shapes, color, and lighting! Nice stuff!