Monday, August 9, 2010

Jamboree Patch Phenomenon

Various CSP's (Council Shoulder Patches) from the 2010 Jamboree

Last week when I was at the National Boy Scout Jamboree I witnessed the phenomenon that is patch trading. I had heard from those that had been there before that this was a huge deal and many scouts would sacrifice all the wonderful activities offered at Jamboree and succumb to the allure of patch trading. I was flabbergasted by the extent of this trading by both scouts and adults as well as wowed by the artwork on some of these patches.

Order of the Arrow full pocket and flap patch

I arrived at Jambo with zero patches and it became a bit of a game for me to see how many of these fully embroidered patches I could accumulate in my two days there. Admittedly I would not have scored very many patches had I not been there as a celebrity artist of sorts. Many patches were simply given to me because I met so many people while signing at the Boys' Life tent.

Striking artwork and rarity added to the tradeablility of patches

Others were acquired because I mentioned I had two boys attending and several people gave me pairs of patches to pass along to them. I felt like a magician  as I pulled patch after patch out of my pockets to give to them. I basically conjured around fifty patches out of thin air and the generosity of those I met.

Me with Art Merit Badge Staff leader Judi Krew

Art Merit Badge Staff patch and another designed by Judi Krew

Judi Krew of Canton Ohio, was one of these people who graciously gave several patches to me and my boys. She was running the Art Merit Badge booth at the Jamboree. Here are a couple of the patches that she designed. Thanks Judi!


Judi Krew said...

Very cool! Thanks for including me and my work in the post. I consider patches to be little works of art all their own and a great way for youth to appreciate good design whether they are aware of it or not. Every boy comes home with his own gallery of creativity!

Unknown said...

I totally agree. I was so impressed by some of the patches. Some of them had a dozen or more different colors of thread and pretty intricate detail as well. My boys have spread their patches all out on the floor more than once since returning from Jamboree. It's been a lot of fun. Thanks again Judi!