Monday, August 30, 2010

Donut Falls

Donut Falls-Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

I went camping with my family over the weekend and aside from the soggy Friday evening complete with bouts of torrential downpour, we had a great time. Saturday dawned clear and bright with crystal blue skies and the tents mostly dried out before we had to pack them.

The Donut Hole seen from above

We ventured up to a lovely little waterfall appropriately named Donut Falls. I have made the hike before but not since a rockfall several years ago changed the vista. Rumors of the demise of the actual "donut" proved to be greatly exaggerated and I was grateful to see that the most unique aspect of the falls had survived, the cave that the stream falls through on the way downhill.

Inside the cave offers this dramatic view

The slope to the right had tumbled in front of the falls, narrowing the cave entrance dramatically but if you watch your head, you can still make it inside with little difficulty. After pooling in the cave, the water percolates through the sand and gravel and continues it's rush down the canyon.

The stream above the falls offers this picturesque vista

We also ventured up above the falls, a place which I had previously not seen and enjoyed this view of the stream carving it's way through the mountainside. I didn't bring any drawing or painting supplies on the trip and didn't want to delay the family anyway, so photos will have to do for this visit. Sometime I may paint a little scene from the trip with this reference.

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