Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Friend Cover Sketch

The approved cover concept sketch-
graphite with digital tone added

I am working on a cover project for the Friend magazine and I have decided to create the art from start to finish in Photoshop using mainly the paint tools. I have done a few things this way, but mostly I have used Photoshop to work out my compositions and do digital under paintings which I then paint over traditionally. I rarely carry a picture all the way digitally. This will be a good chance for me to experiment with digital tools a bit more and see if I can make the finished product look like my physical artwork. The concept was a parade scene to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the magazine. I will post progress as I go along.

1 comment:

Brandi said...

Greg, I love this cover! Photoshop is super fun and one of my favorite things to play on too =) We better renew our friend subscription so that we can ge a copy of this!