Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lost Art Form

The Fruits of Our Labor

Yesterday I didn't paint, but I did practice art in the form of home canning. Not many people know how to make home preserves anymore and it's becoming a lost art.  I woke up yesterday and after my run, I picked an entire bushel of tomatoes out of our garden. We have been preserving our harvest every fall for years and yesterday was one of those days. I picked, scalded, peeled and filled the jars while my wife took care of the processing. We ended up with a dozen beautiful quart jars of home grown tomatoes to use them in soups and casseroles all winter long. Some might consider this too much work for the result, but if we ever had to rely on the garden and our home storage to survive, I am glad to know we could. If you have ever eaten a home canned pear compared to one from a grocery store can, you know what I am talking about.Delicious as opposed to dreck- my kids won't touch that crunchy flavorless excuse for fruit.

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