Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grasshopper Final Drawings

I had to put this project for Boys' Life aside while I worked on a couple of other things, but I am now ready to get painting. I posted the rough thumbnail of the first one earlier and the final drawing of the third spot piece also. The second piece shown here is the climactic shooting challenge where young Crazy Horse shoots a gold coin out of the air with his bow and arrow. Of course his older, rifle wielding challenger is thoroughly dismayed. It took me a few days to line up the right age and build of model for my photo reference but I really got some good shots. Obviously, liberties were taken with the skin tones and the hair (my model is a blond haired white kid), but I got all the information I need for anatomy and lighting. I am excited to get on to the painting phase now.

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Marion Eldridge said...

Wonderful! Very dramatic and so beautifully done!