Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Christmas Gifts Spread-Finished

Just finished up this one for Boys' Life magazine. Once again, this is painted in Photoshop and I am continuing to enjoy experimentation with brushes and textures to make this match my traditional acrylic style. I posted the final drawing earlier here. Now on to the cover illustration and spot for this same article.


Will Terry said...

Greg - this looks awesome! I would have had no idea it was done in PS. You've crossed over to the dark side - unleash your rage and hatred :), but, really nice painting.

Greg Newbold said...

Thanks, but I still want to paint with real paint though, Will. I don't want to embrace the Dark Side... oooh, but, um, I do want money and power and fame. Can Photoshop give that to me? Just kidding, I'll just have to keep painting my gallery work in oils.