Monday, October 22, 2012

3 Hog Night - Update

A while back I created a T-shirt design for Lake Country Neighbors, a community group in Emory Texas for their annual food bank fundraiser. I sent off the design, got copies of the T-shirts back and then waited. For months. The shirts were done so far in advance that I almost forgot about it except that the shirt made it into my son's favorite shirt rotation. I kept looking at the date , realizing the event had not happened yet until last week when I realized that it was THE week. Well. I got this note from Pam Bowden who coordinated the event (at least my involvement in it). I asked how things went and here are excerpts from her reply.

my pigs as cutouts on stage at the event
It was a success!  We made over $8300 for our food pantries.  In a small town like Emory, that was quite a feat!  It's more than any pig roast we've done to date... Your t-shirts were everywhere and we made Styrofoam pigs for the stage that looked like the pigs on the shirt.  As I said before, this is our favorite pig to date.
Lake Country Ladies rockin' the pig shirts
Also, it contained this bit of bad news:
Our fund raiser could not have come at a better time.  The weekend before our event, someone broke in to the fenced area where the Good Samaritan's trailer was stored and stole it along with a lot of other items.  This is the trailer we use to go to the East Texas Food Bank and pick up the food for our local pantry.  This was the second time it has been stolen in less than a year.  It seems the harder we try to make things better around here, there's always someone ready to take it one step backward.  Needless to say, some of this money will go to a chip to put in the trailer.  At least next time we'll be able to find it and hopefully prosecute some thieves.
Really? Stealing the trailer from the Good Samaritan? I hope they catch these goons. Regardless, it is always nice to be able to lend a little help to such a worthy cause. I was happy to have contributed to the success of this event and the possibility is open to have a piggie shirt sequel next year.  HAMlet anyone?

Anyone wanting to donate or see how else they might support the Lake Country Neighbors, a worthy cause in east Texas- click here

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