Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Every year we are invited to a themed Halloween party that is put on by friends. Some years result in elaborate costumes that include props. As we were digging through our decorations this year, I found the "Wilson" that I had made for a "haunted island" theme party a few years back.

I'm not sure why I thought Castaway was a scary movie except that it is. From the plane crash (still one of the scariest crash scenes ever) to the nightmare of being alone on a deserted island to fend for your self against the elements, hunger and creeping insanity is about as scary anything I can imagine.

Plus it included one of the most interesting supporting actors ever played by a beat up volleyball. The one sided conversations that Tom Hanks' character has with Wilson gave him such a personality that I was literally sad when Wilson floated away.

I had my Fedex box with the angel all scuffed up too, which has long since been recycled, but I held on to Wilson. I struggled to age the plastic I found when cutting open what I thought was a leather ball and the red handprint was a little too red, but in retrospect, I still like it. Have a safe Halloween everyone, especially my East Coast friends recovering from Hurricane Sandy!

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