Friday, October 12, 2012

Creative Illustration Back In Print!

This week Titan Books released a reprinted facsimile edition of Andrew Loomis' Creative Illustration. Loomis' books have been popular for generations of artists and Creative Illustration is no exception. It has arguably been the most anticipated of Titan's four Loomis reprints and was long overdue.

Original volumes of Loomis' illustration masterwork have become difficult and expensive to come by since I got my copy for $35 some twenty years ago ( but Amazon's current price for the new hardcover edition is below what I paid then!). For years, copies have been selling on the Internet from anywhere between $100 for a well worn copy to $300 for one in prime condition.

I have featured excerpts from Creative illustration many times here on my blog and still hold it up as the standard by which all instructional illustration books should be judged. Loomis effectively breaks down the process of creating a picture into logical chapters dealing with concepts such as line, tone and color.

Even after over twenty years as a freelance artist, I find Loomis' insights into picture creation valid and instructional. If I were to recommend just a single volume to someone on the subject of creating illustration, this book would have to be on top of the list.

Much of the original version was printed in black and white, so I am excited to get a new copy of Creative Illustration that is reported to include a whole new full color section on working with color.

Order your copy of Creative Illustration by Andrew Loomis right here:

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