Monday, December 10, 2012

Angel Sketches

I'm doing a piece for Angels on Earth magazine right now. I was given a sketchy outline of the article this will accompany about a woman who found herself being comforted by an angel in a field of buttercups following a car accident. The art director mentioned that sometimes the stories are deleted or altered after the art is finished, so the image needed to be more vague.

Version two is the same layout without the woman. I think the first version has more emotional and narrative heft, but I obliged the request and came up with the alternate. I am still trying to get the AD to let me do the first. What do you all think? 


Brad Teare said...

The one with the woman reclining has more focus. I'm not sure what the second angel would be doing if not reaching out to the woman.

Greg Newbold said...

I know- I fought for the first one, but the compromise is the second one- the angel is reaching out for a flower.Sometimes the client wins and you do your best.