Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More Christmas Magic

Here is another piece that I did for the City Creek Center Holiday promotion. Like the previous piece in this series that I posted, this one started out with just a rough concept proposed by the client.

the client provided this concept sketch
I then went and took copious photos on site which I merged together to create a base for my final art. The architecture was the real player in this and I needed to keep it intact.

The pieced together starting point
Where it finished up MANY hours later
Also, the Santa Claus pavilion at the center of the festivities was not built yet when I was working on the art in late August and early September, so I had to do a lot of invention and painting to make it look good. As you can see there was a lot that went into this one and I used elements from dozens of sources to finally put this one all together. the final painting took a lot more time than I anticipated to render, but the client was thrilled and it's fun to see it being splashed around town.

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