Thursday, February 28, 2013

Adjusting the Color

Martha Hughes Cannon- Graphite, digital by Greg Newbold

Samuel P. Cowley- Graphite, digital by Greg Newbold

J. Golden Kimball- Graphite, digital by Greg Newbold
After a little contemplation, I decided that the background color on these portraits was competing a little too much with the skin tones. I adjusted the color by dropping the saturation and shifting the hue slightly on all three. I like them better and thing that this subtle shift lets the faces command more attention. Sometimes I think I have the tendency (as I am sure a lot of artists do) to overdo the color saturation when what is really needed is a more subdued touch. In this case, I think this shift makes for better images. Plus, I sort of like the feeling I get of hand tinted photos (scratches and all) which was really the goal all along.

See the previous versions here

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