Friday, August 2, 2013

Gray Morning - Provo Bay

Gray Morning - Provo Bay 8" x 6" oil by Greg Newbold
I generally have a stack of plein air studies sitting around the studio. Some I never finish, but most of them will see a few more strokes and a finish varnish at some point. A few get a serious rework before I let them out the door. I am still trying to reach the point where the effort I make in the field is the result I am happy wit and feel no need to improve. This one was a particularly successful field study and it didn't need too much more to make it sparkle. It is now hanging at my gallery Williams Fine Art. At a cozy 6" x 8" I think this one is particularly affordable if you are wanting to own one of my works. Check out my other paintings being offered by Williams.

See the progression of this painting in the field session here.

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