Monday, August 5, 2013

Cottonwoods at Big Bend- Zion Canyon

Cottonwoods at Big Bend - Zion Canyon; Oil on panel- 9" x 12" by Greg Newbold
Here is another little painting I just delivered to my gallery Williams Fine Art. Once again, I took my field study into the studio and finished it up. Whenever I dig into these paintings, I notice tendencies that I want to correct in the field so that my plein air paintings end up more like finish paintings while on location. On thing I noticed with this one was that my sky was too dark. Not excessively, but enough that the correction made a difference. I really enjoy the silhouette of the back lit tree against the shadowy canyon wall. This one needed much less to finish it up than I anticipated. Once I had glazed over it to oil up the surface, everything popped and came back to life. The freshness of the field study was once again apparent and it came together pretty quickly from there.

Here is what the painting looked like after the field session

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