Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mystery Creature

In the Mystery of Grady House story I am illustrating for Boys' Life Magazine, young Evan is asked to care for his injured neighbor's Capuchin monkey while he recuperates in the hospital. In the story there is a buildup to the revelation as to what the creature making noises in the back really is. The AD and I did not want to give this reveal away in the illustration feeling that the power of suggestion should override literal depiction. I decided a long, somewhat threatening cast shadow would do the trick. Once again, I am painting digitally over the top of a full value graphite drawing.

The opening spread sketch is posted here
A more lengthy description of this process is posted here.


Mike Blake illustration said...

I like the watercolor/colored pencil feel in this. Did you do this in photoshop?

Greg Newbold said...

Well, all the color is Photoshop. The drawing was done pencil on paper and then scanned. A lot of the texture comes from the drawing and more texture is added using scanned texture in the brushes palette. The combination gives it the hand done feel I like.