Friday, February 7, 2014

Butterfly Book - 2

Continuing on with the finished pieces of the butterfly book. Here, the butterfly begins to look for shelter as the rain falls I did an alternate version of this one without the branch and bird. A cropped version of it will be used as the cover.

Working digitally makes what used to be nightmare changes in the old days very simple. I just created the different elements on separate layers and turned off the bird layer for the cover. The rainstorm in the background was also created on a different layer which made it very easy to "paint behind" all the other elements without disturbing anything and without having to paint around all the details.

See Butterfly Book paintings 1 and 2 here


Kay Kathleen said...

My daughter and I just finished reading Winter Lullaby (for the 20th time) & loved it! We are definitely HUGE fans of your work and are loving the illustrations you posted for the Butterfly Book! I am working on my first children's book as we speak and am definitely inspired by what you are able to capture in your work..!

Greg Newbold said...

Thanks Kay! I am always pleased to hear that people respond positively to my work. Good luck on your book! The first is the hardest, but in some ways, the most satisfying. You can do it!