Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sugar Bean Sisters Sketches

Creating art for theater is always fun because the variety of stories is ever changing. I have had the opportunity to do numerous play and opera posters and I never get tired of it. Something about the blank slate and the open possibilities inspires me. I am currently working on a poster for a Footlight Players Theater in Charleston, South Carolina for their upcoming production of The Sugar Bean Sisters. The play focuses on two spinster sisters who live in a shack in the swampland of Florida. One pines for a husband while the other anxiously awaits the aliens to return and take her away. After a discussion with the theater director about poster concepts, it was decided that the poster should include elements of the UFO as well as the swamp locale. I set to work and these four sketches were submitted to the client. Ultimately they settled on sketch four, which happily was my favorite as well. I'll post the final when I finish.


Mike Blake Studio said...

Oh wow, what a fun picture! I look forward to when it is complete.

Unknown said...

Thanks Mike. It's about halfway finished. I'll post it when I am done.