Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Caveman Dinner

Caveman Dinner-10" x 12" mixed media by Greg Newbold
I've been working on a bunch of stuff that either is not ready to show or that I cannot yet show due to confidentiality agreements, so I thought I'd dig around for an oldie but a goodie. This little gem was for an article in Eating Well magazine from a few years back that outlined the benefits of the "Paleo Diet". Since then there has been a barrage of similar diets that seek to recreate what early man must have eaten. Lots of fruits, nuts and grains, lean protein, no sugar, salt or...no taste. Well, anyway, I tried to look at the subject in a humorous way as the scientist observes from a slight distance what the unsuspecting caveman as his daily diet sizzles over the fire. I don't know about you, but I won't be choking down grubs and bugs any time soon in the name of nutritional well being. Not to mention how close he is to the flames. Fire safety anyone? I don't think I have ever posted this one on the blog before. At least I couldn't find it. But if I have, just call it one from the archives while I get to something new I can post.


deer prudence said...

Not quite my diet, too, but a great illustration!

Elise's Art Garden said...

I'd wager given the choice of his fare or a slice of Lombardi's, even the most health-conscious of our ancestors wouldn't take long to choose.
Marvelous work, as always.

Amy said...

Always liked this painting...although I don't want to eat the food!

Greg Newbold said...

Thanks all. I have to agree that Mr. Og's fare is less than appetizing. I think I'd rather eat snails than bugs and grubs. Eeuhgh!