Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dragon Mountain Redux

Last year I did illustrations for a Boys' Life fiction article called "The Secret of Dragon Mountain". It was a cliffhanger story (quite literally as you can see from the main scene below) that readers were invited to finish. Well, a winner was chosen and I was asked to do another illustration to correspond with the winning entry. In the scene, he looks at the photos from his recovered camera. Luckily, my model lives in the neighborhood and it has not been long enough for him to get to outgrow the role.

It will run in an upcoming issue along with the complete story and previous illustrations. Thanks to Kevin Hurley, current BL art director and Scott Feaster, previous AD who was fantastic to let me work with Boys' Life so much in the past. It's great to have wonderful clients.

See Dragon Mountain sketches here
And also here


Amy said...

Nice design on that last painting...intriguing and creepy. Love your use of light and dark. Sounds like a great project.

Greg Newbold said...

Thanks Amy! I tried to use the lighting to invoke a sense of mystery. Also all the angular shapes act as arrows pointing to the face. Sometimes design aspects such as these are very effective at directing attention to the main subject.