Thursday, August 28, 2014

Murder on the Bucket List

Murder On The Bucket List- Digital by Greg Newbold
I just finished this piece for a mystery novel cover. It's a bit it's a mystery novel with a bit of a light hearted twist in that the team of protagonists are all older ladies. The publisher wanted a less serious tone to the cover, so I went for a little stylization in the characters without falling too far into caricature. The opening scenes happen at night as the group gets together at a member's backyard pool to scratch another item off their bucket lists, namely to go skinny dipping. That would be why they are all clad in bathrobes, but it all turns south when someone notices a smell and they subsequently find the body.

I wanted to capture a mood of mystery by using the glow of the pool to silhouette the women. Also created a warm under light with the citronella candle. It's tricky to create these types of lighting situations and I took some small liberties but overall, it fits in with the stylized nature of the piece.
I think it's pretty successful and the client was thrilled with the result. This book is earmarked to become an ongoing series if the first volume pans out. That would be fun since it has been a bit since I got the chance to do a series of covers.


Amy said...

I think you succeeded with your glow from the pool. Love the lighting in this piece. It will make a great book cover! Congrats.

Unknown said...

The mood lighting that included the cool glow from the pool and the tabletop candles was the challenge, but I think I captured it pretty well. Thanks Amy!