Friday, September 5, 2014

New Swim T-Shirt

This year is the seventh year in a row that we have had a swimmer on the Skyline High School varsity swim. Needless to say, parents always have the opportunity to be "involved" with the booster club in providing support to the team. This year I volunteered to create the design for the team shirt.

I consulted with the team captains regarding what they had in mind for the shirt and I was off. They wanted a variation on the eagle mascot, this time swooping in over the water. I sketched up a rough and went to it.
I digitally inked the drawing and then added the typography as well as some splashes on the front and back. I warped the type into a simple wave to help with the whole water feel. the final touch was to add a distressed crackle pattern to give it a well worn look. The back features the team slogan chosen by this years captains. Both the boy's and girl's teams are defending 4A state champs, so I guess "Here We Come!" will juice up the team as well as instill a little fear in the opponents. The captains are thrilled with the result and I am looking forward to seeing seventy odd kids wearing the shirt each meet.

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