Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hazy Grazing

Hazy Grazing- 9" x 12" Oil by Greg Newbold
Here's another small painting that I just delivered to David Ericson Fine Art. It will be on display along with a bunch of other great work by the gallery's artists for the upcoming Gallery Stroll on August 21st. This marks the first $100 dollar sale at Ericson and although this particular painting will not be included as a $100 option, there will be  Greg Newbold painting in that group. The hope is lure in some potential collectors that have not really considered original art as an option and get them excited about owning actual one of a kind art from talented and  accomplished  local and regional artists.

Some of you may recall the start of this painting from a previous post.

As I almost always do when taking a field study to finish in the studio. I fix things that weren't working and change things to suit the intent of the piece. Here I have adjust a lot of  the values to add drama, softened the sky and the mountain edges in the distance to give a hazier mood to the piece and added the cows which were just quick smudges at the study phase. I also exaggerated some of the color for contrast and visual appeal as well. There are always things I might do differently when I reach the final signature stage, but for the most part, I am satisfied with how it turned out. Each choice I make along the road of creation yields a certain result and collectively all my choices lead to the final product. I try not to second guess too much what might have been since I would have to make a different set of choices along the way to get a different outcome. That type of introspective thinking is better often better left for the next painting. Learn, evaluate and move on to the next one.