Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mount Olympus - Fall

Mount Olympus-Fall 8" x 10" oil by Greg Newbold
Here's a little commissioned piece that I finished recently. This shot of Mount Olympus actually is the view out my front door and I have had many opportunities over the years to capture some pretty dramatic lighting. You may remember a previous epic painting of this view in winter that I did a couple of years back called Autumn Dusting. Since this is a small painting at just 8" x 10", I used it as an opportunity to make a study for a larger painting. Of course I don't always polish my studies as much as I did this one. I like the dramatic sweep of the clouds and the shadows they cast across the peak as well as the bit of dappled light that makes the foothills come alive. This one will be fun to paint at the 30" x 40" scale that I have chosen. I'll post the large version once it is finished.

Also if interest is the fact that I had to ship this one to the recipient collector in Norway, so this is officially my first painting residing in an international collection. Fun stuff!

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