Monday, December 13, 2010

Will Terry Demo

My computer is in the shop (AACCKK!) so I'm limiting my posts this week until I get it back. Here is a video of my friend Will Terry doing his thing with Photoshop (double click to view full screen- I don't know why it's cutting off). Will painted in acrylics for years and then switched to Photoshop just in the last year or so. On Will's blog he mentions the importance of knowing your craft and having a "process" that you follow so that you are not fumbling in the dark each time you start a new piece. I completely agree that the more you know and the better you are with your traditional hand skills, the easier it is to create convincing work digitally. Too many people use the computer as a crutch or think it is some sort of magic bullet for creating great art. It is an incredible tool and has great potential and flexibility, but the real magic in great art happens because the hands and mind running the computer know how to create something special. Check out Will's blog.

Will Terry's website

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Will Terry said...

Wow Greg! Thanks for the shout out! I'm honored that you included me on your blog. :)