Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No See Um - Finish

Opener for "No See Um and the River" - Digital, 11" x 17"

Just finished with this illustration for Boys' Life magazine. The story is a fictional account of two boys working for a turn of the century Alaskan trailblazing crew.  This one was also done completely in Photoshop. I am still somewhere on the upward arc of the learning curve but each successive piece elicits more confidence. Thanks to all my Photoshop whiz buds that help me with their tips whenever I call.


Rob Colvin said...

Looks awesome!!

DWHY said...

Nice work Greg!
Cool to see where you have taken your digital work!
Look forward to seeing more. Be psyched to chat with ya a bit about your techniques etc!
Happy New Year!


You had me fooled - I thought this was traditional media until I read your commentary. You've made great strides since Hartford. Keep 'em comin'! Happy New year, Greg.