Thursday, January 20, 2011

Evolution Of A Picture- Part 3

Once I have my composition well in hand I carefully evaluate what additional reference material I may need to complete the painting. Usually this involves finding a model and appropriate costume. I am always on the lookout for the right model and scope out people at church, school, neighbors and friends to enlist in the cause. Most people when approached are willing to work with you and I always compensate them in some way. If I am in a bind, I know this guy that models for me quite a bit. He works for free and is always available right when I need him. The only problem is getting my spouse to shoot the photos. (Thanks Hon!) I usually take loads of photos and then filter from them the information that I need to flesh out my drawings. I pay particular attention to faces and hands as well as drapery and shadows. These seem to be the hardest areas to get right if you don't have good reference material, and look the worst if you try to "fake" them. I always shoot detail shots and sometimes finesse the drapery  with a tug here or there to get the folds and shadows right. You will never be sorry you took a little extra time and attention at the photo shoot stage. It can make the difference between an average work and a really good one. The drawing at bottom is the one I used for the final painting. Note that the basic value patterns are already established. Early in my career, I often neglected to do a full value study which sometimes hurt my work.  Since I did this painting, I have put more effort into making sure the value study is clear.Photoshop is a great tool for laying in values quickly and getting the pattern working. I simply scan my sketch and lay in grey tones in a multiply layer.

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Patti said...

Sketch looks great. Looking forward to seeing the finish.

Oliver. said...
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Oliver. said...

The first time I saw this painting was in the CA illustration annual of july 2006, I just found your blog and this painting was still fresh in my mind, very iconic.

Greg Newbold said...

Welcome Oliver! Hope you stick around. Patti- the finished painting is coming tomorrow.

Julia Kelly said...

Thanks so much for the info- really great timing- just took reference photos of a 1920 Sears Robuck Catalog farm house- to start working on a children's book dummy- though will probably have to photoshop photos together- doubt they will let me put a "horse in their hallway!"