Sunday, December 18, 2011

Enjoy Free Christmas Music - On Me!

My friend Shane Jackman has released a great new Christmas CD entitled Peace for which I had the pleasure of creating the cover art. As my gift to all my blog readers and friends, click on the link below to download the entire CD for free.

I hope you will enjoy sinking into this musical treat! One week until Christmas and I am looking forward to a little family time. I still have final grading, sketches for a new project, gift wrapping and cookie baking, so, it will be busy (with a little work- hopefully not too much though), but no commuting to school for a couple of weeks- hooray! Have a great Holiday season everyone!


Karen Sagovac said...

Love the peace sign sinking into the snow... that IS what its all about. No snow here around here unfortunately! :(

Karen Sagovac said...

And thanks so much for the CD - lovely thought Cheers! :)

k.h.whitaker said...

nice :)