Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Renaissance Portrait Progress

I just got off another project and back onto the portrait project I showed a little bit about in an earlier post. I'll be making steady progress until this is finished since it is a Christmas present.  After I got the drawing approved, I changes it to a sepia tone and ran it out on some nice printmaking paper. I'll nearly complete the picture before adhering it into the panel.

I sealed the paper on both sides with some acrylic matte medium and had just enough time the other night to lay in some basic color tones in the background. I started with a burnt sienna tone and then added the greens of the trees and the sky and cloud colors. Still a long way to go. I'll post progress as I go along.

Part 2 of this project
Part 3 of this project
Part 4 of this project (finish)
Gold Leafing of the frame/panel for this project


jeffdinardo said...

Looking good!

Unknown said...

Do you print your rough sketch on a large format printer and then mount to a board? If so, do you mind telling me what type of paper and printer you use for that? Thanks - Brian

Unknown said...

Ok, maybe you have a few trade secrets you'd like to hold on to. Fair enough. Great blog otherwise though!

Unknown said...

Sorry for the delay Brian, Not ignoring you. Your comment got caught in the moderate comments box and I didn't see it until now. I use an Epson R1800 13" x 19" printer when I am printing a sketch out to paint over. It uses Water stable pigment based inks, so they are less likely to fade or bleed. I then seal it off before painting. I did this one on Rives BFK printmaking paper, though I have tried a number of different papers. I did not mount this one until after I painted it but I usually mount them before painting on heavyweight illustration board using acrylic matte medium.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the reply! This is very helpful info. I just orederd your paitning video. Thanks - Brian