Friday, March 30, 2012

X-Rays Confirm New Van Gogh - Happy Birthday Vincent

Happy Birthday Vincent Van Gogh! The Impressionist master was born 159 years ago today in 1853 and what a better present than to give the world another Van Gogh painting.

Researchers in the Netherlands recently confirmed that a painting long to be thought to be done by an anonymous artist is a genuine Van Gogh.

Authenticity was disputed because of a number of uncharacteristic qualities including the large scale of the piece and the busyness of the brush work. Deep x-ray technology has revealed that the large floral painting was painted over a depiction of two wrestlers. Experts suspect Vincent painted the underlying work during his time of study at the Antwerp Academy. Letters to Vincent's brother Theo confirmed that he did indeed make paintings of wrestlers during period in question and that the exuberance of the subsequent painting could have been an attempt to completely cover the previous painting.

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Amy said...

Wow! This is an amazing painting. Thanks for posting this.

Brad Teare said...

Always love to hear about Vincent's work. I hadn't heard about this discovery. Thanks for posting.